What Is Your Breasts Shape and Size?

What Is Your Breast Shape and Size 300x197 What Is Your Breasts Shape and Size?For women to be in a bra that fits them comfortably, they must be aware of the real size and shape of their breasts. This will normally require to be measured. However, as there is no universal sizing method for bras it is still important to follow certain procedures to make sure a bra fits correctly and comfortably. There is also the matter of taking into account each woman’s natural shape as there are many, and one bra style might look good on her but not on another woman.


The majority of women wear the wrong bra size. Actually, most women are wearing a bra with a band size too large and a cup size too small. The main reason women wear bras that do not fit them correctly is because of their options. Most stores that sell bras keep a select amount of sizes available. This puts women into ill-fitting bras that can actually cause their body to be highly uncomfortable. The bad thing is that their bodies get used to it after a while so they do not realize anything is wrong.

The band is the most important thing about a bra. The band is what gives support to breasts. Most women have been misinformed that this comes from the straps, but it is just not true. A proper fitting band will create an even circle around the torso. The back will not ride up. This is the biggest sign that a woman is wearing a band size to large.

The straps of the bra should not cut into the skin. This normally happens when women tighten them to lift their breasts. As this is incorrect, women should loosen their straps. If they find they have to tighten their straps all the way down to the band, this is the wrong bra for them.

Most women try to squeeze their breasts into cup sizes that are just too small. This causes breasts to spill out of the sides and is actually a very unflattering look. Not to mention it is not good for breasts to be flattened. One of the best ways to tell if the cup sizes are the right fit is to look at the center of the band on the front of the bra. This should be flat against the skin. If it is not touching the skin, the cup size is too small.

On the opposite side of the spectra, women who wear cup sizes too large should notice the bra is not on their skin. If there is space between the breasts and the bra or if there is an air pocket present, the cup size is too large.


The shape of a woman’s breasts is also highly important to know when bra shopping. There are different bra styles for each specific shape. These will help to flatter a woman’s figure.

Full or rounded breasts tend to be larger on top. This shape is normally found in women with larger breasts but is not uncommon in small breasts. Some bras tend to create a bulge on these types of breasts. A good style to wear is a balcony or balconette bra. These are cut lower so they do not cause “quad boob.”

Another type of shape is teardrop breasts. These breasts are typically fuller on the bottom, and the nipples point downwards. The best type of bra style is a molded demi cup or balcony cup. These help to give lift, but do not leave a gap like a full coverage bra would.

The perky point breasts are similar to the teardrop shape in that they are fuller on the bottom. The difference is they are typically firm and do not require much lift. This is a common shape in women with small to medium breasts. Semi-demi cups and balconette bras are a great style for this shape. They provide coverage without leaving a gap.

Wide-set breasts are typically seen on athletes or women with strong back and shoulder muscles. These breasts will sit far apart on a woman’s chest. A plunge or push-up bra is a great choice for this shape as they will bring the breasts together. Make sure to get side support or extra lining with larger breasts.