Swim Your Way to Increased Breast Size

Swim Your Way to Increased Breast Size1 300x200 Swim Your Way to Increased Breast SizeOne of the best exercises for great looking breasts and an increase in breast size is swimming. This exercise is great for toning the pectoral muscles – not to mention make a woman’s arms and torso leaner. Finding a way to hit the pool a few times a week is a great way to keep breasts looking perky.

Finding a way to make it to the pool two to three times a week can do wonders for breasts, stomach, arms, and legs. It is an excellent way to keep breasts from getting saggy. The best styles are freestyle and the breaststroke. Change the order and the distances that you swim. Also, change up your speed for at least 15 minutes each swim.


Beginner swimmers need to work up to fully exerting themselves in the pool. Here are some exercises to get started in the pool.

- Warm up for 100 yards (typically 4 lengths in a lap pool). Swim at your own rate.
- Next, try a flutter kick. This will require the use of a board. Lie on your side with your lower arm stretched up and under your head. The other arm can hold onto the board. You will kick from your hips while keeping head turned up and out of the water. Complete 50 yards.
- Now, you will continue to use the kickboard, but this time your head will go in the water.
Breathe to each side. Complete 50 yards.
- To increase the intensity, increase your speed. Complete one lap of 50 yards every 50 to 60 seconds until you complete 5 laps. Take a breath every three strokes.
- Next, you will cool down some by swimming two laps of 50 yards within one minute to one minute and fifteen seconds.
- Then swim two laps of 100 yards each at moderate intensity.
- Finally, swim at a relaxing pace for 100 yards. You will have swum 750 yards.


Intermediate swimmers will be able to push a little harder. Here is an exercise regimen for them.

- Warm up by swimming 200 yards.
- The next exercise will require a pool buoy. Place it between your thighs, and you will only be able to swim with your arms and upper body. No kicking allowed. Do this for 100 yards.
- Next, swim at a moderate to hard pace for two laps of 50 yards. Complete each lap in 40 to 50
- Swim one lap of 100 yards between one minute and one minute and fifteen seconds.
- Repeat step three.
- Complete one lap of 50 yards in one minute.
- This one will require controlling your breathing. Swim at a moderate to hard pace for 2 laps of
100 yards each. During the first 25 yards breathe every 3 strokes. The next 25 breathe every five strokes. The third 25 breathe every 7 strokes and the fourth every 9. Repeat this in lap two.
- Cool down a little by swimming one lap of 50 yards in one minute.
- Next, pull out the fins and swim two sprint laps of 50 yards.
- Now, use fins and a board. Swim 4 laps of 25 yards. Start off slow and speed up with each lap.
The fourth lap should be really fast.
- Finish by swimming one lap of 100 yards. Try to count strokes each 25 yards and decrease the amount of strokes needed with each 25.


Experts will need an exercise that will give them something to work for.

- Warm up by doing the flutter kick with fins for 100 yards. Rotate every 25 yards: face down, left side, back, and right side.
- Work on your breathing for the next 200 yards. First 25 breathe to your left every four strokes.
Next 25 breathe to your right every four strokes. Final 50 alternate sides every three strokes.
- Swim five 150 yard laps. First, swim one lap rest for 15 seconds. Then swim 125 yards followed
by 25 yards where you will breathe every 9 strokes. Again, rest 15 seconds. Then swim 100 yards followed by 50 yards where you will breathe every 7 strokes. Rest 15 seconds. Swim 75 yards, and then 75 yards breathing every 5 strokes. Rest 15 seconds. Swim 50 yards, and finally 100 yards breathing every three strokes. Finish by resting 15 seconds.
- Swim one lap of 100 yards.
- Swim 5 laps of 50 yards. Alternate laps 25 yards fast and 25 yards slow to 25 yards slow and 25 yards fast. Rest 15 seconds between each lap.
- Swim one lap of 50 yards in one minute.
- Sprint swim 8 laps of 25 yards and complete within 45 seconds.
- Use kickboard and fins to flutter kick for 4 laps of 25 yards. Start slow and finish fast.
- Finish by swimming easy for 100 yards.

Swimming is a wonderful exercise that will boost your self-confidence, health, and even increase your breast size over time. If you do not currently swim for exercise, be encouraged to begin soon.