7 Tips to Choose Swimwear for Smaller Breasts

Tips for Choosing Swimwear for Smaller 300x199 7 Tips to Choose Swimwear for Smaller Breasts

Every woman wants to look great in a bikini. This means finding the right style for her specific figure. Small breasts in particular need to find the right kind of swimsuit to make their figure look great, and many women would like to make sure their breasts look great and take away from their size. The right bikini will also help you look like you have increased breast size. Here are a few tips for picking out a great bathing suit.

1. Try It On

The best way to see if a swimsuit will look good on your body type is to try it on. Just because you have small breasts does not mean all swimsuits for small breasted women will be right for you. It may look nice on the rack, but it is always best to try it on first. It is also a good idea to take a friend whose opinion you trust. They will make sure you leave in a bikini that looks great on your figure.

2. Know Your Figure

Women with slender bodies and small breasts should wear bikinis. This will make your legs look longer, and show off the rest of your figure. This way the whole focus will not be on your breasts.

Women that do not really have waistline should opt for a bathing suit with a skirt design at the bottom. This will make you look less round, and enhance the size of your breasts.

3. Make Your Breasts Look Larger

A frilled triangle piece will fill out your bust and give the illusion that you have increased breast size. Combine this with plain bottoms to give balance to your figure.

It is also helpful to wear bright multi-patterned tops and plain bottoms. These can make breasts look larger without showing off too much skin. Also, patterns that follow the shape of your breasts can bring out the contours of them and make them appear bigger. Stripes are another pattern that can make small breasts appear larger.

Bikini tops, like bras, come with padding. Flat-breasted women can find tops with a little padding to make them look fuller up top. Padded halters with fringe around the bottom of band are a good choice to help breasts appear larger.

There are also underwire bikini tops available. This has become widely back in style in the last couple of years. That is great news for women that want to give their breasts a little more of a push or support.

4. Take Advantage of Options

Small breasted women actually have more options when it comes to swimwear compared to large breasted women. For instance, bandeaus typically only look good on small breasted women. These are a great choice to purchase because of their lack of tan lines due to straps.

Triangle top pieces look great on small breasts. These bikini tops are for women that are not ashamed of having small breasts and just want to show off their figure.

5. Pull Focus Away from Breasts

Some women whether small or large breasted can fill self-conscious in swimwear. For small busted women here are a couple things you can do to pull focus away from your breasts.

One-piece swimsuits are actually very popular right now. There are multiple styles available. One of the great things about these suits is that they typically draw focus to the actual bathing suit and not what is underneath.

Color and patterns can also deflect the eyes away from the breast area. Try purchasing either a light one-colored bathing suit or a design with small-bright patterns.

6. Wear the Correct Size

Being in a bathing suit that is too large can make small breasts appear even smaller. It is important to go up at least one size from the normal dress size, but do not go too far.

Also, stay away from swimwear that is too small. Not only will you fall out of it in all the wrong places, it will cut into your skin unnecessarily. This too will result in an unflattering image.

7. Have Confidence

This is the best way to look great in any type of swimwear no matter what size your breasts are. Hold your head up high, keep your back straight, and be proud of what your mother and father gave you.