7 Tips and Tricks to Increase Breast Size


Tips and Tricks to Increase Breast Size2 300x300 7 Tips and Tricks to Increase Breast SizeExercise is obviously good for your overall health, but there are certain exercises to do on a regular basis to keep your breasts looking firm. This will in turn make your chest look bigger and may even increase breast size. These exercises require keeping the pectoral muscles in shape.

The pectoral muscles lie underneath the breast tissue, which is largely composed of fats. Chest exercises that build up the pectoral muscle do not increase or decrease the size of your breasts. Instead it works to lift them up and make them look perkier than they did before.

If you want to learn how to increase breast size, it is important to do different types of exercises for the pectoral muscles. This is because these muscles span across the entire chest, and by doing different exercises you can work different areas of the muscle.


Estrogen is the main sex hormone in women. Although, it is also found in men, in women in defines their secondary sex traits. One of the characteristics that it influences is the breasts. While it is common to have a drop in estrogen after menopause, sometimes this happens earlier in a woman’s life. Low estrogen levels can cause a decrease in breast size or a failure for breasts to ever grow properly to begin with.

Estrogen is available in certain plants and is called phytoestrogen. This form of estrogen has been put into pill and cream forms to help women increase their breast size; however, it is wise to consult with a doctor beforehand to make sure that your small breasts are a result of low estrogen levels. If they are not, taking in excess estrogen can be dangerous.


Gaining weight is a lot of the time essential to increasing breast size; however, there are healthy foods you can eat, and exercises to implement that will make the weight gain a smart and not foolish decision. The following foods contain estrogen; however, any woman with a history of breast cancer in her family should not add too much of these to her diet without a doctor’s supervision.

-     Dairy products such as cheese, milk, and yogurt.

-     Licorice has long been used in holistic medicine during menopause and for a low supply of breast milk.

-     Fennel has long been used as a galactogogue or breast milk stimulant.

-     Fenugreek increases oxytocin levels and can increase breast size by mimicking conditions seen in lactating mothers.

-     Soy has actually been acknowledged by the U.S. National Institute of Health for increasing breast size if only in tradition and theory. Products such as tofu and edamame contain isoflavones, which are chemically similar to estrogen.


Breasts respond remarkably well to women who hold their heads up high and keep their back straight. This will not actually increase breast size, but will help in other ways. One, your breasts will not be droopy or sag quite as bad because you have taken the time to be kind to your body. Two, when you stand up straight with your shoulders pulled back and not slumped over, it makes your breasts appear larger. This combined with good pectoral exercises can keep your breasts looking fabulous.

Breast Massage

The main thing a breast massage accomplishes is to circulate blood flow. It has been a common holistic approach to help weed out bad toxins in the body for many years. Now, as more and more women are taking pills to increase the size of their bust, it has become practice to use this massage to help the extra hormones make their way into the lymphatic system in and around the breasts.

This type of massage can be easily completed by you. Rub the palm of your hand in a downward circular motion for 15 minutes 2 times a day.


It is important for women to make sure that they are wearing the correct size bra. This will not only feel better on their breasts but allow them to look fuller. Every woman should get measured at least every six months as most bodies do not stay the same for very long.

Once you have made sure you are wearing the right size, you can find the best bra to make your breasts appear larger. Push-up bras are a common choice, but there are other styles that can flatter your breasts and make them look bigger. For instance, medium chested women look great in a demi-cup.

Fat Grafting

For someone seeking serious results, there is always fat grafting. This basically requires removing fat from one area of your body, and then injecting it into your breasts. It is non-surgical, but might still cause some pain. It typically takes three to four hours and can be quite costly.

If you utilize these 7 tips and tricks on a regular basis, you ought to be well on your way to increasing your breast size.